Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mystery of Gnome Gulley, Chapter 3

well, i'm writing a novel that should hit the shelves of a walgreens near you. the book is entitled Mystery of Gnome Gulley, and i am really proud of it. although its been refered to as a grandioso waste of human life by my own mother, who never supported me, ever, i can't wait to prove her wrong. sure i lived in a station wagon for 3 years and still do. sure i sold my wife's wedding ring after the oil company incident (see under head of the page, up above dummy) for a bj in a back alley by a dude who told me he was Tom Selleck's brother. i've made mistakes, i live up to them, but now i have a feather factory truck parked under the ledge i'm standing on and i have something to fall on... so i am working, i am getting stuff done, and i need to get going, the barista just noticed that i took a coffee off of the counter that wasn't mine, so i'll check in on free wifi from another starbucks in a while...


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