Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Some days i love it, some days i hate it. Today, when blogging, I told new producer CaseyLive this...

"You ever been to a Dojo? Cause I'd like to take you on a guided tour! It will feature a wonderful cultural reenactment of an early progressive form of Kensano blade dancing. Really entertaining. Then we will sit and enjoy some of the famed oolong white dragon tea and rice cakes. Scrumptious. Once we are finished, I will teach you the art of Chi Shu Fie, and this consists of me tying your face to your a$$ and bow staffing you in the head/a$$ so many times you will crap yourself in your face... think about it blog boy."

Did i use profanity? No... Did i threaten him? No, i merely asked him if it would like to go on a tour of a dojo, and did so in a form of a question. Did he deserve it? Yes, as a matter of fact, he typed something earlier that was infact offensive. he stated, approximately, that,

"I hate america, and after reading your blog my job here doesn't seem so awful."

This offends me and so many others. We are all americans here, all the way from the tip of florida all the way to the snowy hills of saskatch...wan... umm, Alberta. How dare he say he hates america!! and second, to the even greater number of my fans. The ones that were there during the Karate Tourney years, to my new fans at ocatgon fights, to the ones supporting me on my new book that is about to get published (read below) and to my fans of this new venture into the blogosphere. How dare he.

Casey, your job at OLive has been painful at best. What a terrible excuse you used the other day for having a case of pants pissing on your first day. On your first day, your FIRST DAY, you managed one weak, late evening post that basically said, "uhh sorry i didnt post, but uhh, eric left to work for kobe, don't know how that happened... uhh, so i didnt know how to break it to you... crazy, alright, im going to go rock back and forth in the corner again and soil myself... uhhh, ok." You had nothing that day, nothing at all and came into the game to pinch hit and didnt even open your eyes to swing. Add whatever baseball reference you want about the Doom, say i strike out on my jokes, i will laugh, but only because i will picture you with your face tied to your ass pooping. lol

So, you may have the power to boot me, but truces might be your strongest weapon. I am as much of a part of that site as you are. The strong arm of the law can also be used for hugging. So embrace me into the online community, and i shall do the same. until an apology is posted under the blazer blog, i will be really, really, really mad at you octagon cage match style (which means im pretty pissed).


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